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EEOC Goes After Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed lawsuits against two employers, which it says, has recently deprived pregnant employees of their rights under the law. According to a report in Business Management Daily, in the first case, the EEOC says a California dietary supplement company routinely discharged employees once it learned they were pregnant. [...]

EEOC Goes After Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace2018-01-05T06:23:19+00:00

California Wrongful Termination Settlements

In California, wrongful termination settlements are reached when employers decide to pay to settle the alleged damages sustained by employees due to wrongful firings and dismissals. If you have been terminated from your job in California, you may have a valid wrongful termination claim in which an attorney can help you file an action against [...]

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What You NEED TO KNOW about Your Required Breaks

In California, many employees have their right to have regular meal and rest periods violated by their employer. California rest break laws protect employees from unfair and illegal wage and hour practices. If you are an employee that has been denied regular meal and rest breaks, you may be entitled to recover compensation from your [...]

What You NEED TO KNOW about Your Required Breaks2018-01-12T06:23:22+00:00

Mechanics of a Class Action Lawsuit

The victims of fraudulent or deceptive practices by banks and businesses, as well as employees who are cheated out of wages and consumers who buy defective products, often find it advantageous to bring a class action lawsuit. By joining together rather than pursuing individual claims, victims gain the strength they need to battle large corporate defendants. [...]

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Five Tips For Choosing The Best California Labor Lawyer

Choosing a California labor attorney can be a daunting and confusing task. Often, someone searching for an attorney is unsure of what steps to take to ensure they are hiring the best candidate for their needs.  By considering the below tips, you can be confident that the California labor law attorney you select is the right choice [...]

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Express RX Pharmacy Services Class Action Lawsuit

HAVE YOU RECEIVED A TELEMARKETING CALL OR FAX FROM “EXPRESS RX PHARMACY SERVICES,” “RX PHARMACY SERVICES” OR “EXPRESS RX” SOLICITING PHARMACEUTICALS OR REQUESTING DOCTOR SIGNATURE FOR PRESCRIPTIONS? The Haeggquist and Eck Firm is currently pursuing class action litigation against CV McDowell Medical, Inc. d/b/a Express RX Pharmacy Services (“Express RX”), for violations of the Telephone [...]

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Common Misconceptions About Labor Lawyers Employees Need To Know

Labor and employment law is one of the most misunderstood types of law. There are several common misconceptions about labor lawyers that can prevent a potential client from receiving the help they need with their employment case. Listed below are common misconceptions potential clients have about California labor lawyers along with explanations as to why the [...]

Common Misconceptions About Labor Lawyers Employees Need To Know2018-01-12T06:26:47+00:00

California Class Action Settlements

Class action lawsuits level the playing field by combining hundreds or thousands of claims against big businesses into a single lawsuit. They give consumers an opportunity to seek justice when their individual claim might be too small to get the attention of a business that is violating the law. Many cases result in class action settlements. [...]

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